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teamwonderfalls's Journal

Team Wonderfalls
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A part of fullerverse!

To join this group you must be a member of fullerverse, a challenge community dedicated to Bryan Fuller's projects: Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Wonderfalls! Once you've joined and are soted into teamwonderfalls you will be given an invitation from teamwonderfalls , and then you can join in the fun. Please be patient, it may take a day before you get an invitation. Once you've received your invitation to the team make sure to look the community over, as there are updates regarding tasks and challenges, and after all, aside from being over educated and unemployable, and being a total fangirl or fanboy is, to get off your a** , and help earn team points by participating in challenges and completing tasks! Or something like that.

-Profile blurb is a work in progress...

If you have any questions you can get them to your friendly team leaders nowgold and juliet42